iDor security solutions, complete access control systems


Let us help you simplify management of your business. No need to replace lost keys or wonder who has access to which areas. We strive in providing our users the ability to control and monitor all areas of their establishment.

Retail or commercial security systems are essential in the safety of the everyday consumer and POS. Both environments implement distributed control system – the computer networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, security, fire and flood safety, lighting (especially emergency lighting), HVAC and humidity control and ventilation systems in a building require an intelligent management system for all devices to communicate between one another.

A building controlled by a building automation system (BAS) is considered an intelligent and secure building (smart building). Commercial buildings have a standards-based foundation for heterogeneous networking of many devices on many physical networks for diverse purposes, quality of service, and failover guarantees appropriate to support human health and safety so if you have an application look no further than iDor Security Solutions.