iDor security solutions, complete access control systems


Reliable systems are a must in high security environments, as it is imperative that information within a government facility stays classified. We understand the importance of safeguarding critical information and can conform to the latest government regulations to provide strict access control in such facilities.

United States federal building security refers to the security of federal government installations in the United States. A variety of measures are undertaken to make the buildings safer, while preserving an “open” architecture consistent with democratic governance. This includes from greater standoff distances implemented by preventing unscreened traffic from approaching within a certain distance of the building; as well as technological security measures to prevent compromising of the buildings risk level and federal workers, therefore; only the most proven and secure technologies with the highest levels of encryption and analytics are utilized at these facilities.

The National Security Agency took over responsibility for all U.S. Government encryption systems when it was formed in 1952. The technical details of most NSA-approved systems are still classified, but much more about its early systems have become known and it’s most modern systems share at least some features with commercial products so it is key to protect the people and this is a primary focus for iDor Security Solutions by providing multiple tier biometric solutions with high levels of encryption to ensure a safe working environment.