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About Us

Servicing Engineers, Architects & End Users

iDor was formed to answer the call of engineers, architects, and integrators as a single source for present, and future IP based security needs. Each of our partners is hand selected for quality, compatibility, form, function, innovation and are known for their best-in-class performance. Our efficient engineering team provides custom designed solutions to meet the needs of the client ensuring an exclusive solution for their specific application.

iDor specializes in IP technology, from perimeter protection to video surveillance and analytics to enterprise level access control.

iDor Security Solutions: Physical Security Specialists Our flexible solutions are capable of securing from a high-end single family home to a multi- site corporate environment. By utilizing existing IT infrastructure, cost and installation savings are created; therefore, allowing for a shorter term installation on a reduced budget. This focus on networked based security also allows for future expansion with a minimal investment.

Expansion and growth with little disruption to your network, in addition to an improved ROI and a reduction in liability.

As a company that has built its reputation on commitment to excellence, we have made it our goal to raise the bar and set new standards for what clients can and should expect from their integrated security solutions provider. iDor has already put the pieces in place to fulfill this market need by creating its innovative solutions center.