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Lock Cylinder



The CX6142 consists of an electronic and coupling unit which is located inside and an antenna located in the outer knob. The CX6142 has an electronic authorisation on both sides and is already set up for 868 MHz wireless networking as standard.

The communication electronics, mechatronics and batteries are located in the knob module on the protected inner side. In the small outer knob there is just an antenna, however no energy supply or coupling mechanism at all.

The security version has special withdrawal and drilling protection mechanisms in the cylinder and outer knob. Thus the CX6142 is particularly suitable for use in exterior building doors or other doors which required a high level of mechanical protection against break-in.

Thanks to the installation of the Clex knob module using a Euro profile cylinder, conventional DIN Euro profile locks can be used and practically no extensive assembly is required. Thus the double-knob cylinder is a cost-effective solution for both new and existing buildings.

The locking cylinder is powered with two conventional CR-2 lithium batteries which can power up to 40.000 locking operations. The battery management issues 3 tones before the last closing operations to indicate that the battery needs to be changed. Using a low power adapter and servicing device, a secure opening is possible from outside even when the battery is completely flat.

The broadest range of transponder carriers can be used in the Clex knob module as keys. These include as a passive transponder (without power supply): ISO card CX6320, fob CX6330 or the transponder clip CX6340 and alternatively CX6362 as an active function transponder.