iDor security solutions, complete access control systems

Lighting Control

Simple solutions for switching and dimming

LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight

Spotlights illuminate details such as keypads, house numbers or fingerprint readers. By directing the light, it is possible to accentuate edges and contours. A white high-powered LED is used as a light source.

Brand Siedle

LED surface area light

LED Surface Area Light

The surface area light provides the perfect illumination for company names, logos and inscriptions, while attracting action in its own right with its innovative design.

Brand Siedle

LED light module

LED Light Module

The square light module forms the basis for low-profile wall lights or free-standing light pedestals. Every module is equipped with four LEDs, which remain recognizable as spot-shaped light sources. Vertical in-row mounting results in different illumination scenarios and luminous densities.

Brand Siedle

App Smart Remote

App Smart Remote

Using the Smart Remote App you can easily control all the functions in a KNX installation while remaining mobile – everything from the lighting, blinds and temperature up to the multimedia system – via an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Brand JUNG

KNX Lighting Control

KNX Smart Displays

Variety of functions with intuitive operation: The KNX Smart Displays offer all the possible options for the convenient control of building and multimedia technology. Available in various formats, they are ideally suited as central control points for residential and commercial construction. All the Smart Displays have the uniform JUNG user interface that ensures intuitive control of the functions thanks to its logical structure.

Brand JUNG

KNX Smart Control

  • Compact room controller with touch screen in the design of the
    LS series
  • Combined control of lighting, shading and temperature; can also
    be called up in scenes
  • Reduces the complexity of room functions to the usability of a
  • Intuitive user interface: page structure divided by functions,
    rooms and Favorites

Brand JUNG

KNX Room Controller

  • Elegant room controller with graphic display and large control
  • Combines control of the lighting with control of the shading,
    temperature and multirooming
  • Simple operation philosophy: press the buttons up and down,
    right and left or the full area
  • Freely programmable graphic display provides room for one, two
    or three lines of full text
  • Especially flat construction with frame from the FD design
  • Available in the LS series

Brand JUNG

KNX Compact Room Controller

  • Compact room controller with display
  • Combines the control of lighting, shading and temperature
  • Large control panels for switching, sensing, dimming or blind
  • Display with illuminated digital display
  • Available in the A, CD and LS series

Brand JUNG

KNX Push-Button Sensors

  • Available in the versions 1 to 4-gang, Standard and
  • Switching and dimming of lights and the storage of light
  • Can be combined with the control of blinds, shutters and the
    temperature, for example
  • Available in the A, CD and LS ranges

Brand JUNG

Wireless Gateway Plug Adapter

  • This acts as a “translator” between eNet and the JUNG wireless
    management system
  • For controlling eNet actuators through the wireless management
  • For controlling wireless management actuators through eNet
  • 24 channels can be combined from both systems
  • Seven scenarios can be called up from both systems
  • This way any existing JUNG wireless management facilities can
    be controlled by Smartphone in combination with the IP gateway and
    eNet app

Brand JUNG

Operation by Smartphone

  • Smartphone operation of functions anywhere in your own wireless
    local area network by means of the IP gateway and eNet
  • The IP gateway with wall holder can be connected to up to five
    smartphones in parallel.
  • It is integrated with 24 channels for operating eNet actuators,
    20 lists for combining favorites and 16 scenarios
  • Its operation is enabled by means of a fixed IP address or
    wireless network router and a USB power supply
  • Operation of functions and scenarios is carried out an eNet app
    (available free from the iTunes App Store and from Google Play)

Brand JUNG

Hand Transmitters

  • Remote control of the eNet functions and scenarios
  • Hand transmitters with display: clear text display (editable);
    display composition by rooms, users and favourites; operation by
    large keys and a navigation cross; wake-up function through an
    integrated acceleration sensor
  • Other versions: 2-channel, 4-channel and 1-channel hand
    transmitters with toggle function

Brand JUNG

Wall Transmitters

  • Battery-driven wall transmitters in 1, 2, 3 and 4-channel
    versions operate with each actuator from the eNet system.
  • Transmission of commands to operate switch, dimmer, blind and
    complete scenario functions
  • Status reports are provided through red and green LEDs
  • Available in the AS, A, CD and LS
  • Key labelling can be carried out by laser engraving or colour

Brand JUNG


  • For outdoor applications.
  • Switches electrical loads, e.g. lighting, on if it senses the
    heat of moving objects.
  • Unit remains switched on as long as motion is sensed and
    switches off after a preset delay.
  • Various types featuring different detected angles of 70°, 110°,
    180°, or 220°.

Brand JUNG

Ceiling Automatic Switch

  • For indoor lighting control in corridors or aisles based on
    motion and ambient brightness.
  • Used together with flush-mounted insert and exclusively mounted
    to ceilings.
  • Features a detection angle of 360°.

Brand JUNG

Presence Detectors

  • For presence-controlled indoor lighting control.
  • Installed together with flush-mounted insert only at the
    ceiling for monitoring the working surface located below it, e.g. a
  • Features a detected angle of 360°.
  • May be connected to a dimmer insert.
  • Available in universal or wireless design.

Brand JUNG

Movement / Presence Detector

  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the motion and ambient brightness
  • 360 ° field of detection for mounting heights of up to 6 m
  • 3 independent PIR sensors
  • Extension of the detection area by grouping up to 5 devices
  • Also available as a twilight switch thanks to integrated brightness sensor
  • Staircase function with switch-off warning
  • Optimized burglary prevention through presence simulation
  • Brand JUNG

    Automatic Switch 2.20m

  • For motion-based indoor lighting control.
  • Thanks to its special lens design, large detected area that also includes the perpendicular downward area.
  • Installed in the designated mounting height of 2.2m above a door, it turns the lighting on when a person passes the door to enter the room.
  • Available as standard or universal model.
  • For the universal model, settings are made using an infrared remote control.
  • Available in A, CD and LS design ranges.
  • Brand JUNG

    Automatic Switch

  • If motion is detected in the sensing area, lighting will automatically be switched on and switched off after a set delay – convenient and energy-saving.
  • The splash-proof IP44 model is suited for outdoor and sanitary applications.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.
  • Brand JUNG

    Tronic Transformers

  • Electronic transformers for connecting LV halogen lamps.
  • Various types for load ranges from 10 to 200W.
  • Internal short-circuit, overtemperature, and open-load protection.
  • Various types and styles for different applications.
  • May be dimmed using Tronic, universal rotary, or button dimmers without limitations.
  • Brand JUNG

    Universal 2-Gang Dimmer

  • Allows two lights to be dimmed using to mechanically independent buttons included in only one flush-mounted box.
  • The internal memory feature allows brightness values to be saved.
  • Also satellites may be connected to the universal series button dimmer (for one channel only) and lights be dimmed using the satellites.
  • Ideal for retrofitting. Any existing series switch may be replaced by the universal series button dimmer.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.
  • Brand JUNG

    Universal Touch Dimmer

  • Shortly pressing the button switches lighting on or off, pressing the upper or bottom edge of the button for longer infinitely increases or decreases brightness.
  • Pressing the button dimmer full face saves brightness: When the light is switched on the next time, the brightness will be set to this value.
  • Also satellites may be connected to the universal button dimmer and lights be dimmed using the satellites.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.
  • Brand JUNG

    Universal Rotary Dimmer

  • For dimming and switching bulbs, HV halogen lamps as well as dimmable inductive transformers or Tronic transformers with halogen lamps.
  • Soft start for a gentle switch-on procedure.
  • Several dimmer satellites may be connected.
  • Available in all JUNG product ranges.
  • Brand JUNG

    LED Touch Dimmer

  • Used to dim and switch incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps, and dimmable LED retrofit and compact fluorescent lamps
  • Soft start for smooth switch-on
  • Switch-on brightness may be permanently stored
  • Also slaves may be connected
  • Functionality and operation are based on the well-known touch dimmer principle
  • Brand JUNG

    Series Switches

    Allow the independent switching of two lights with just one switch

    Available in all JUNG product ranges.

    Brand JUNG

    Push-Button Switches

    When the lighting is turned on or off, the push-button switch returns to its original position.

    Available in all JUNG product ranges.

    Brand JUNG